How to order Custom Pram Liners


Please see below for the easy steps to follow:

1. Select the fabric for the 1st side of your Pram Liner from the "Custom Pram Liner - 1st side fabric choice" menu option. Add to cart. 

2. Select the fabric for the 2nd side of your Pram Liner from the "Custom Pram Liner - 2nd side fabric choice" menu option.  You will notice the following (mandatory) option is available for you to choose:

  • Your pram brand and model

Strap Covers & Belly Bar Covers can be ordered via 'Accessories'

Due to technical sewing issues, if you choose a 100% Linen fabric or a Quilted Velvet fabric, you can't also choose that fabric for 2nd Side.

100% Linen 1st Side + 100% Linen 2nd Side = Not an option

Quilted Velvet 1st Side + Quilted Velvet 2nd Side = Not an option

Contact us if your pram brand/model isn't on the list.
If you have any questions, please do send us an email at